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This is an interactive site inspired by and dedicated to the art and imagination of artist, Mark Whitcombe. 

Here you can view, explore, learn about, and take part in his amazing world like never before!

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Did you know... our Web Gallery is the most comprehensive representation of Whitcombe's art anywhere on the internet?! And it continues to grow, thanks to contributors. 

If you own one, a few or many of Mark Whitcombe's beautiful works of art in your home, office or place of work, we would love to feature images of your collection in our site Web Gallery. 

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  1. PHOTOS: Take a quality picture using either a digital camera or your smartphone (or you can use scanner if piece is small enough)
  2. SHARING: Either register as a member and upload images yourself or just email them to us and include: title of work and dimensions 
  3. CREDIT: Let us know if your would like to be credited as the contributor or indicated as "anonymous."
  4. SEE THEM LIVE: Visit the Web Gallery to see your pics! (We do our best to upload photos as regularly as possible.  If you don't see your photos within 48 hours, please check back later.)

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Whitcombe Exhibition: March - June 2017

Click on the image to see full event brochure.  For further information about the exhibition and the City Island Nautical Museum, please visit

NOTE TO SITE VISITORS: The purposes of this site are entirely fan-based. All text, edited images, postings and other elements of this site do not necessarily reflect the views, actions or professional decisions of Mark Whitcombe.  ALL FEATURED ART IMAGES are of works that come from private collections of individual buyers (unless source is otherwise indicated) and NOT currently belonging to the artist himself.  This site is used for forum purposes only and does not serve in a commerce capacity.

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